15% Discount on Bus Ticket

15% Discount on Bus Ticket

by B&F Weekly Promotions

17 Jan 2019



Planning for a trip in Myanmar? We have 15% Discount on Bus Tickets from 80+ Bus companies including Famous Traveller, JJ Express, Myatmandalar Htun Express, Mandarlin Min Express and many more.. It's limited time offer so we recommend to book your Bus Ticket as early as possible no matter how far your travel date is.

The price is a lot cheaper than original bus company prices. *Best Price Guarantee* How do I buy the bus ticket and how do I get 15% Discount? It's easy. You can browse bus lines and availability on BNF Express website, www.bnfexpress.com or BNF Express mobile app , put the given Promo Code to get 15% Off and make payment. If you have any questions how to use Website or Mobile App, please call BNF Express hot line, 0959260056003, 09969910109 . For 15% Off Promo Code, please ask B&F Weekly Promotions by either calling at 09969910115, 09260056004 or message us onB&F Weekly Promotions Facebook page.