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B&F Weekly Promotions offer a full range of services to advertisers including Digital Discount Coupons, Top-Up Discounts, Printed Discount Coupons, B&F Club Membership Cards and Deals.

We are alliance with Oway Travel and our Coupons are available on 100s of Oway Taxi and stands at top shopping centers in Yangon. Being a forward thinking business, we are constantly expanding our marketing reach.

Say thank you to your customers? B&F also has smart phone based reward system developed for businesses to reward regular customers for their loyalty. The App is simple and easy to use. Customers can simply download the app, and when visiting the shop, they are able to scan the QR code and build up their rewards. There is a range of loyalty scheme. Businesses can decide how and when they reward to their customers. For example: ‘Buy 3 coffees, get 4th Free’. This reward system is perfect for any type of business, including Café, Bars, Restaurants, Retail outlets, Beauty Salons, etc. To create and offer solutions that compliment the marketing needs of your business, get in touch today and find out how we can start benefiting your business.

Email: [email protected] Phone numbers: 09969910115, 09969910128