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B&F Weekly Promotions mobile app is your access to Exclusive Deals (Promotion Shopping), Discounts, Freebies and savings right on your mobile device. The app is completely free to use, with no in app charges. All the promotions on the app are Exclusive and from several categories from Bars and Restaurants to Travels.

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You can browse Deals (Promotion Shopping) and Discounts on the app and save your favorite ones. It helps you to use quicker and easier. Nowadays, many users search for deals and discounts using their smartphone, buy online and the app makes it easier than ever.
If you have a specific item in mind, this app also allows you to search offers by keywords.

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It’s completely FREE to open an account. By logging in to your account, you can enter to Giveaways programs and WIN, buy Services or Products with Discounted prices, Get Rewards from your favorite shops and many others. Even you lost your mobile device, your account will be still with you. As long as you remember your mobile number, you can log in back from any other devices.