Ocha Bubble Tea ( Yangon )

Ocha Bubble Tea ( Yangon )

Yangon Address Yangon 1 - Superone Kyaik Ka San Yangon 2 - Yankin RoadYangon 3 - Dagon Center 2 

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Love Bubble Tea? If you are, we have (15)% promotions with B&F ClubCard.One of the main favorites of the Ocha Bubble Tea is that it has over 40 Drinks menus, as well as Ocha Signature Dinks.Drinks Tea Title:  Bubble Milk Tea, Milk Tea, Chizu Brulee, Fruit Tea Chizu, Fruit Tea, Coffee Hot and Ice, Smoothies and Fresh Lemon Tea. In some drinks, you can be selected just as you like.When you drink...